Beyond the Case Method

Harvard Law School has begun teaching a course on practical skills, creative thinking and excercising judgment for their 1L students called The Problem Solving Workshop. The course is designed to take students through an entire case, from the first time the client walks into the office, to the resolution.

The program has received a high level of interest, not only from law schools, but also from firms who donated attorney time to help instruct students.

The program is discussed in the Harvard Law Bulletin.

Read more about reform initiatives at the Center For Excellence in Law Teaching. 

3 Responses

  1. Why not just invest the resources in the clinical program?

  2. Amanda makes a very good point in that at some point some of the resources used to do the next, new , trend program could have been used to provide better or more clinical opportunities. On the other hand, most students across the nation do not engage in clinical learning in their first year. In addition, the idea of ikeeping the theoretical and practical integrated and whole at the very beginning of one’s legal education is very appealing to me!

  3. Kewl you should come up with that. Execnllet!

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